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The ground-breaking concept for the Soapbox originated out of necessity during the difficult business climate that began in March of 2020. Since our launch in January of 2021, our platform has blossomed into a productive sales and networking resource that is relied upon by hundreds of industry professionals on both sides of the aisle. Virtual meetings and remote workforces have proven to be effective and are now considered integral components of today’s business environment. As such, companies continue to refine strategies that balance their in-person and virtual worlds while maximizing efficiencies for both. On the virtual side of the equation, the Soapbox format offers those efficiencies, plus proven sales results. We are structured like no other communication platform in the industry and provide a unique and compelling user experience based on these foundational elements: our interface is simple and easy to use; our one-on-one format is the most conversational in the industry; our schedule is manageable and specifically designed to maximize productivity; we curate and maintain a great mix of quality supplier companies and top-flight distributor sales personnel.

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